Feng Shui Tips to Attract Money

Feng Shui is a Chinese design and decor system used to enhance one's chi (life and everything around it). Feng Shui designs are meant to help different aspects of your life, including health, happiness, and prosperity.

Fish in an aquarium with a filter could help money flow into your life

In order to use Feng Shui design to help attract money to you, there are a few rules you must abide by.

Wealth Space

The "wealth space" in a Feng Shui home is the back, left room of the home from the front door. In each individual room, the back, left corner is a wealth space. To bring wealth and prosperity to your home, you'll need to ensure that these spaces are built to attract with the correct items and symbols, such as coins and fountains.


According to Chinese Feng Shui beliefs, reds, purples, greens and gold are colors that attract wealth and prosperity. Pillows, sheets, doors, fountains, curtains and other decorative items in the wealth area of your home should incorporate these colors.

Rich Symbols

Using coins or anything that symbolizes wealth to you personally in your wealth area can help give you luck with prosperity. Fill up a jar with your loose change or hang a symbolic Chinese luck coin from a Red Ribbon in the area. A Chinese "luck frog" with a coin in its mouth (seated adjacent to the door and under a table) will work, as will an image of a dream car that you'd like to purchase, symbolizing money and wealth.


While you may feel the need to throw the right colors, symbols and objects into the wealth space of your home, do so sparingly to avoid clutter. Clutter symbolizes a clog, which will stop your flow of cash from getting to you. Keep the wealth area free of too many knick-knacks. Keep counters relatively clean and clutter-free and have minimal pieces of furniture.


Water is a symbol of wealth, as it flows into your life. Having a fountain in your wealth area will help the prosperity make its way toward you. Anything that represents water, such as fish statues or live fish, will help attract money. However, water can't be still or moving too rapidly in the space. Even a photo of a waterfall won't work, because it shows water moving at a rapid pace, which symbolizes the money flowing past you too quickly for you to get it. An aquarium in the space will have to have a pump or do something to make the water move.


If your bathroom happens to be in the back left corner of your home, or if you want to incorporate a wealth area into your bathroom, keep the lid of your toilet closed. By doing this, you will stop your money from going down the toilet.

Fix Everything

If anything in your wealth area is broken, worn or tattered, it could represent your finance woes. Fix anything in your wealth area and keep the area clean so that your finances will become strong.