How to Repair Burnt Carpet

Kiley Mitchell

Burnt carpet can be unsightly. Don’t spend a lot of money hiring professional carpet repair. If you accidentally burned your carpet, you can make it less noticeable with a few simple tricks.

Repair unsightly burnt carpet.

There is no foolproof way to make your carpet look brand new after a burn, but you may be able to repair the carpet and hide some of the burn.

  1. Scrub the burned area of carpet gently with lightweight sandpaper to get rid of the melted fibers. If it’s a small burn, this should get rid of a lot of the fibers.

  2. Use a razor or scissors to cut additional melted fibers away from the carpet. Cut the fibers only up to the point where they are burned.

  3. Vacuum the burnt carpet area to get rid of loose ashes and other debris.

  4. Cut out the burnt area of carpet if the burn is still very noticeable. Use a utility knife to cut 2 inches around the entire burnt carpet section. Only cut out the carpet. Do not cut too deep or you’ll damage the floor underneath.

  5. Place the cut out of burnt carpet on an out-of-the-way area of carpet. Use the cut-out of burnt carpet to cut out a section of carpet similar in size. You can also purchase a piece of carpet to replace the old.

  6. Apply a waterproof adhesive to the back of the newly cut carpet and place it in the spot of the old burnt carpet. Make sure to put glue along the edges so that it sticks to the other carpet.

  7. Let the area dry for 24 hours. This will ensure that the adhesive has dried.

  8. Brush the carpet gently to make it appear even.

  9. Tip

    Waterproof adhesive is available at most home improvement stores. Small burned areas can be replaced with fibers from another patch of carpet.