How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

A retractable screen offers protection from insects entering your home, with the flexibility of the option to roll the screen away when you want to enter or exit your home. It is a hideaway, fiberglass screen that rolls up or to the side into an aluminum casing, which is mounted into the doorjamb. This is a project that you can accomplish in just one day without the help of a professional.

Install a retractable screen door to keep pests out.
  1. Measure the width of the inside of your doorway from the top to the bottom, and from one side of the opening to the other. Use these measurements as a guide to purchase the screen size you need.

  2. Trim the retractable screen storage cassette and the screen with the hacksaw to the required width for your doorway; the dimension you cut should be 1/8 inch less than the width of the door opening.

  3. Push the plastic end caps for the cassette into the ends. Screw on the screen handle with the screwdriver and accompanying screws.

  4. Drill two pilot holes for the mounting clip screws over the top of the doorway at the location that aligns with the clip holes. Put the clips at the top of the doorway and mark the holes with a pencil first. The lips on the clips should face toward the door. Drill the holes in these locations. Hold the mounting clips, aligning them with the holes and screw in the accompanying screws with the screwdriver or the power drill with the proper screwdriver bit.

  5. Push the storage cassette into the two mounting clips so that it snaps in place. Mark a pencil line on each side of the doorjamb under the cassette to note its location. Pull the cassette out again. Take measurements with the tape measure from the side of the door sill up to the pencil mark and subtract 1/8 inch. Cut the two sidetracks to with the hacksaw to match these measurements.

  6. Replace the cassette above the doorway by pushing it into the mounting clips again. Position the sidetracks under the cassette. Drill a pilot hole through the holes in the sidetracks into the wooden doorjamb with the power drill. Insert the wood screws and screw them in place with the power drill and screwdriver bit to secure the tracks in the doorjamb.

  7. Grasp the handle on the retractable screen and pull it down to close the screen.