How to Make a Stand Up Sign Frame

F.R.R. Mallory

If you shop downtown in mid summer you will quickly discover that stores love signs. Often they prop up sidewalk signs featuring special sales or a daily menu, hoping to entice pedestrians into the shop.

You can simply construct an A-frame sign.

These signs are usually bright, colorful and portable, since employees need to bring the signs inside when the shop closes for the day. The A-frame style sign is popular because it is easy to use and simple to construct, and you can use both sides.

  1. Cut two pieces of 1/2-inch MDF to the size you want. Round off the corners for safety using a hasp or jig saw.

  2. Measure to the top center of the two boards. Measure your hinge handle. A hinge handle is a hinge that rotates 330 degrees and includes a stationary handle to make lifting and carrying the sign easy. These hinges are available at sign shops, hardware shops or on the Internet.

  3. Place your hinge handle in the center and mark your drill holes. Drill pilot holes at each location. Some hinges suggest you screw 3/4 of the way through the MDF, others recommend you use a bolt. Follow the directions for your product type. (Screws and bolts are often included with the hinge.)

  4. Attach feet to the bottom of the sign. Position the sign as wide as you want and tie string from one front foot to one back foot. This will hold your sign open at this width. You can reverse the signs and the feet simply by rotating the sign and attaching the feet with the inside facing out.

  5. Tip

    Prime and paint your MDF if the sign will sit outside. Use an exterior paint and paint both sides as well as the edges to seal them from moisture.