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How to Make an Enamel Metal Sign

Kristle Jones

Save money by making your own customized signs for your home or business. An enamel metal sign can be made by you and customized with your preferred wording and images. Using basic tools and supplies from a home improvement or hardware store, you can have your own enamel metal sign made in just a couple of hours.

Make your own customized sign for home or work.
  1. Measure the size and shape of the sign you wish to make.

  2. Make a pattern for the sign using cardboard. Cut out your pattern from cardboard, then use a Sharpie pen to trace your pattern onto a metal sheet.

  3. Use tin snips to cut your metal sign. Cut slowly and carefully so you do not injure yourself on the sharp edges.

  4. Very Handyman suggests cleaning the metal, then wiping it with petrol to remove any grease that may be present prior to painting. In addition, you should prime the surface using a coat of metal primer and allow to thoroughly dry prior to painting. Paint your desired image or wording onto the metal sign. You can use any paint to do so, as the enamel gives the sign a glossy, protective finish. Allow to dry.

  5. Use clear enamel paint to paint two coats onto your metal sign with a roller brush. A roller brush gives your enamel finish a smoother look than using a paintbrush. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second coat of the enamel paint.

  6. Tip

    The home improvement store may be able to cut your metal for you.


    When cutting metal, always wear protective gloves to prevent injuries.