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How to Hang Up Howard Miller Wall Clocks

Will Charpentier

At first, hanging a Howard Miller clock seems anti-climactic after the drama of removing foam and rubber bands and plastic covers from the clockwork. It's certainly less dramatic than donning white cotton gloves to adjust the moon dial, if the clock has one.

Still, when you lift the clock to the wall trusting only your own ability and an untried hanger, you realize that everything else was nothing more than a prelude to the hanging.

  1. Obtain a picture hanger large enough to carry the stated weight of the clock. Mount the hanger with a screw, preferably driven into a wall stud. To find a stud in a wall, use a stud finder; turn the device on, hold the button in and slide the stud finder across the wall until it beeps, indicating the edge of the stud. Move the stud finder in the same direction, slowly until it beeps, indicating the center of the stud where you want to put the screw.

  2. Look at the stud's location and decide if it's in the place where you want the clock. If so, drill a pilot hole and insert a plastic expansion anchor into the sheet rock so that the flange remains on the surface of the sheet rock. Slide the screw through the hanger and drive the screw into the opening in the expansion anchor's flange.

  3. Locate the mounting ring on the rear of the clock. Tell your friend to lift the clock when you do; a count from one to three or from three to zero may be used to coordinate your efforts.

  4. Raise the mounting ring on the rear of the clock to the height of the hanger in the wall. Move your cheek to the wall and look along the back of the clock as you lift. When the mounting ring is at the correct height, attempt to set the mounting ring onto the hanger. Adjust from side to side as necessary to slip the mounting ring over the hanger.

  5. Continue to support the clock, but slowly allow the hanger to take the load of the clock's weight. Observe the hanger, watching as it supports the load, to ensure it's not likely to pull itself from the wall. Relax your support of the clock until the hanger is carrying the entire weight of the clock.

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