How to Build a Completely Enclosed Garden With Fencing or Chicken Wire

Cody Sorensen

Completely enclosing a garden with fencing or chicken wire protects it from pests while allowing sprinkler irrigation and sunshine to penetrate. A garden needs plenty of natural light for plants to grow properly, so the enclosure should allow in as much light as possible.

Enclosing a garden can protect tender greens from hungry pests.

Chicken wire can keep out small rodents and birds, but it must be attached to welded wire panels for structural support. Welded wire panels can be purchased at a local farm supply store.

  1. Pound wooden stakes into the ground in each corner of the area to be enclosed. Tie string to one of the stakes and then run the string to each of the other corner stakes. This line will act as a guide along which the T-posts will be set.

  2. Pound a T-post into the ground every four feet with a fence post driver, using the string as a guide to keep the posts in line. Sink the post into the ground two feet. Eyeball the posts from one of the corners to ensure they are aligned with one another.

  3. Lean welded wire panels upright against the T-posts around the entire perimeter of the fence line. Adjust the panels so the ends abut at a T-post intersection.

  4. Cut bendable wires in 12-inch sections using wire cutters. Double the wire over so it's 6 inches long. Straighten one of the panels vertically against the fence posts and fasten it to each post along its entire length. Use four to six wires per post. Repeat this process until every panel is securely fastened to the posts.

  5. Add a second level of panels above the lower level with the assistance of another person. Position the first panel at the center of the panel below it to add strength to the second level. Repeat this process until the second level is complete. This level should rise two feet above the tops of the T-posts.

  6. The wires should span the enclosure from side to side.
  7. Stretch chicken wire around the entire enclosure and fasten it to the panels with wire. Span wire across the top rails of the panels every foot in at least two directions from side to side. Stretch chicken wire over these wires until the ceiling of the enclosure is covered. Attach this chicken wire to the crisscrossing wires to hold it in place. The garden should be completely enclosed with wire panels and chicken wire when finished.