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Garden Hoses That Don't Freeze

Aileen Clarkson

Gardens, like houses, require winterizing. You must bring tools in, clear up debris and remove hoses from the spigot and put them away until spring. But if you have a special hose that does not freeze, even in extreme temperatures, you can continue to access your outdoor faucet year-round.

Freezing temperatures can cause regular hoses to split.

No Freeze Water Hose

The No Freeze Water Hose, which is manufactured in the U.S., is guaranteed to temperatures of -25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is safe for potable water. The 3/4-inch, heavy-duty hose uses a 110 VAC UL-rated waterproof heated circuit. The heating element is activated when temperatures are near or below freezing. The hose fits all standard faucets and works with any grounded 120V power supply. It comes in 15-, 25-, 35- and 50-foot lengths.

PIRIT Heated Hose

The PIRIT Heated Hose has a built-in electrical cord and a thermostat that turns on a heating element inside the hose. If water freezes then thaws inside the hose, it will not cause permanent damage. This hose is a good choice if you don't need an active running water line at all times; it's best for specific tasks or singular jobs. While it connects to your faucet like a regular hose, it also must connect to an outdoor-rated GFCI outlet. Disconnect the cord and hose when not in use. The hose is 25- or 50-feet long and 5/8-inch thick.

Freeze Free Water Hose

A more complicated system is the Freeze Free Water Hose. Colorado Advanced Technology uses a device equipped with an air compressor that evacuates all remains of water after a hose is used at subfreezing temperatures, according to its website. You can clear the Freeze Free Water Hose in just seconds, and it is ready to use immediately. The hose remains connected to the faucet, and no heating elements are used.