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Hose Reel Instructions

Sommer Leigh

Some newer hose reels feature a no-crank operation. Powered by water, the hose reel rewinds automatically with the flip of a lever. These less labor-intensive systems feature a spigot or leader hose, drain hose and hose stopper. Most come fully assembled.

Attach your garden hose to a hose reel to keep it untangled.

To use the system, all you have to do is wind the hose inside and attach the other provided external hoses.

  1. Turn the spigot or leader hose clockwise onto the hose fitting, located on the reel's side. Attach the hose's other end onto the house spigot.

  2. Attach the drain hose onto the reel's drain, often located on one side of the hose reel.

  3. Push the garden hose through the reel hose's guide, often located outside of the reel house in the front. From the inside of the reel hose housing, pull the hose up and twist its end onto the reel's drum connector.

  4. Pull the hose with one hand while turning the drum towards you until the drum connector appears in the front again.

  5. Twist the hose stopper onto the end of the garden hose outside of the hose reel.

  6. Keep the operation lever in the "Rest" or "Off" position when storing the hose.

  7. Pull out the house and turn on the spigot to use the water.

  8. Press the operation lever to "Rewind" while the spigot is turned on. Let go of the house and the pressure of the water will automatically rewind the hose.