How to Attach Burlap to Walls

Gail Delaney

You often find burlap covering the root balls of trees at the local nursery, or holding potatoes or coffee. These sacks are functional in other ways as well. Many people use burlap sacks to cover their walls.

Burlap can cover your wall or be put in a picture frame.

Because the burlap sacks often have printing or pictures on them, they are an economical way to give your walls an interesting focal point. You can use many burlap sacks to cover an entire wall, or just use one and put it in a frame. They are versatile enough to adorn any wall throughout your house.

  1. Decide on how you want the burlap bags arranged. You can may want to hang only one, cover an entire wall or use them in a checkerboard arrangement. If your burlap bags are used, hand wash them or shake them out to remove dirt or dust.

  2. Measure the wall and the burlap bags if you intend on covering a large area. You need to figure out how many sacks you need to cover an area. The bags should also be the same size, but odd-sized bags will give an interesting look as well. If you want to hang only one, then measure the perimeter so you can purchase a frame in which to put it in. You can also make your own frame.

  3. Hang the burlap bags on the wall in the order that you want them. You can use tacks or double-sided tape to keep them fixed to the walls. If you want to hang the bags temporarily, purchase removable tape, as tacks can damage walls. If you put your burlap bag in a frame, simply pound in a nail on the wall where you want and hang the frame there. If the frame is heavy, use a stud finder to find the stud. Hammer the nail into the wall stud.