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How to Replace Utility Trailer Boards

Tara Dooley

Some utility trailers come with wood boards on the floor to give them a more sturdy bottom. These trailers are great for transporting heavy objects such as ATVs, motorcycles or lawn mowing equipment. The only issue with wood flooring is that it won't last forever. At some point you will need to replace it.

Trailer boards need to be replaced every so often due to damage from use or weather.

This is fairly easy to do with the right tools.

  1. Measure the length of the boards currently on the trailer. Never go by the standard length that the trailer is referred to, such as 4 by 10. The trailer might not be that exact length and it is best to measure the boards.

  2. Remove the bolts from the trailer, but leave the boards where they are. Use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts and unscrew them. Keep the bolts and nuts as long as they aren't damaged. There is no need to buy hardware if you don't need to.

  3. Buy lumber the length you need or long enough so that you can cut it to the length you need. Get the same size boards as the ones you removed. Generally trailers use 2 by 6 boards. Buy any bolts that need replacing.

  4. Measure the boards if you did not get them pre-cut to the length you need. Mark where the cut needs to be. Use a circular saw or hand saw to cut them.

  5. Lay the new boards on the ground side by side. Remove the old boards from the trailer and lay them on top of the new boards in the same order that they were on the trailer. Make sure the boards are lined up even end to end.

  6. Mark through the holes on the old boards onto the new boards. This will give you a guide for drilling holes for the bolts so they will line up with holes in the frame.

  7. Remove the old boards from on top of the new and drill holes for the bolts using a wood bit. The marks on the boards will show you where to drill.

  8. Place the boards on the trailer in the same order that they are on the ground because this is the same order as the old boards. Drop the bolts into the holes of the boards and the trailer frame. Insert nuts onto the ends of the bolts and use a socket wrench to tighten them.