Propane Torch Instructions

Joey Butler

Propane torches are not just for soldering copper plumbing lines. You can also use a propane torch to braze refrigeration tubing, as long as the tubing is not too big, says Christian Smith, an HVAC contractor.

A blue flame burns clean and hot.

When Smith is not brazing refrigeration tubing, he uses his torch to start the charcoal briquettes in his grill, melt ice off the porch steps and even to start a campfire for toasting marshmallows with his kids.

  1. Remove the plastic cap from the propane tank male connector and check the torch's flame adjustment knob. It should be turned clockwise to the “Off” position.

  2. Screw the torch connector securely onto the tank connector.

  3. Turn the flame adjustment knob counterclockwise until you hear gas hissing.

  4. Point the torch nozzle in a safe direction away from you and ignite the gas by activating the striker 2 inches from the tip of the nozzle.

  5. Adjust the flame with the flame adjustment knob until you have a pointed blue flame with a hint of yellow at the tip. The torch is now ready to use.

  6. Turn the flame adjustment knob clockwise to the “Off” position when you are finished using the torch. Place the torch in an upright position, away from anything flammable, and allow the torch to cool before storing. The tip of the nozzle will remain hot for several minutes after using the torch.

  7. Warning

    Do not use a cigarette lighter to light a torch. This is extremely dangerous. The torch flame can melt the lighter and cause it to explode. A propane torch can reach very high temperatures and there are many factors to consider when it comes to safety. Read the safety manual provided with the torch kit carefully.