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How to Paint Recycled Rubber

Stacy D. Cooper

Recycled rubber can be shredded into an anti-slip material or a shock-absorbing mulch. It can be found in a variety of colors, including blue, red, green and yellow. However, when you have a particular shade in mind and cannot find the recycled rubber in that color, it's time to purchase some rubber bonding dye.

Recycle rubber tires by mulching and painting them.

Rubber bonding dye makes it possible for the recycled rubber to take on a new color without flaking off.

Mulch and Rubber Pellets

  1. Fill the wheelbarrow halfway with the recycled rubber. You can place more or less in the wheelbarrow, but in order for the rubber dye to bond with the recycled rubber it must be put on in thin layers. Painting a small amount at a time will give you better control during the color changing process.

  2. Add a dime-sized amount of dish soap to the wheelbarrow and fill it with water. Stir the mixture to wash the rubber. It must be clean to avoid trapping dirt beneath the paint. Drain the soap mixture, rinse with water and allow to dry.

  3. Pour about 1 cup of the rubber bonding paint into the wheelbarrow and begin mixing the rubber pieces and paint together. Stir until the paint has coated all the pieces of rubber. You may need to add a little more paint to the wheelbarrow to cover all the recycled rubber.

  4. Dry the rubber for 15 minutes; add another cup of paint to the recycled rubber and stir well. Repeat the drying and painting process up to five times to get the color you wish to use.

Rubber Mats

  1. Wash and dry the rubber mats; never paint an object without cleaning it or you will create an uneven surface.

  2. Dip a paintbrush into the rubber bonding dye and apply a thin layer of it to the recycled rubber mat. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Flip it over and paint the other side of the mat with a thin layer of paint. Let dry for 15 minutes. Repeat the process at least one more time to ensure the rubber dye bonds to the mat.

  3. Personalize the recycled rubber with a tire marker by writing your name on the mat or creating a design on it. Make lady bugs, turtles, hearts or stars on the mat or use the tire markers to doodle on it.

  4. Let the recycled rubber cure for 24 hours before using it.

  5. Warning

    Do not attempt to paint the recycled rubber with a thick layer of dye; it will not bond with the rubber. It must be applied in thin layers.