The Best Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors without Sanding

Though hardwood flooring is extremely durable, it can show scratches and may look dull over time, especially in high-traffic areas. While some homeowners believe sanding is the only way to restore the beauty of a hardwood floor, sometimes the best way to refinish hardwood flooring does not involve sanding at all.

A hardwood floor can be restored to its orignial luster.

Screen the Floor

Professional hardwood floor refinishers use a method called screening to refinish a floor. Screening is a process by which the clear coat on the hardwood floor is scuffed with a low-speed buffing machine equipped with a special pad. The buffing removes minor scratches and other imperfections and prepares the floor to accept the new coat of urethane more easily.

Dust Removal

Any dust left on the floor by the machine should be vacuumed up before the urethane is applied. Even if dust is not visible on the floor, you should use a clean rag soaked in mineral spirits to gently wipe the floor. This will remove even the smallest particles of dust to ensure a smooth, clean surface.


A lamb's wool pad or a squeegee can be used to apply a new coat of urethane to the hardwood floor. While the urethane will be dry enough to walk on 24 hours after application, it is best to allow it to dry for three to seven days before it sees heavy traffic.