How to Keep Shape of Ball Caps When Washing

Most people have a favorite ball cap they like to wear on bad hair days. Some people are so attached to their cap that they wear it on an everyday basis. Whether you’re protecting your eyes from the sun, covering up your hair or showing pride for your favorite team or cause, ball caps are a popular way to do it.

Keep your baseball cap in shape by washing it in the dishwasher.

Over time, caps can take a beating and become soiled with dirt and sweat, especially with regular use. Many people are hesitant to wash caps for fear that it might lose its broken-in shape, but there is a way to wash your cap and keep it clean and fresh that won’t ruin its perfect shape.

  1. Fit the cap over a suitable sized bowl, pot or pan to help keep it stretched.

  2. Place the cap on top rack of dishwasher. Secure with clothespins if needed to keep the cap in place.

  3. Run a normal cycle on the dishwashing machine and remove from the machine before the drying cycle.

  4. Place cap on another bowl, pot or pan and let air-dry on the counter.