How to Steam Clean Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are a popular and environmentally friendly substitute for traditional wood floors, because bamboo grows quickly and its populations can be sustained easily. However, bamboo floors need to be cleaned just as often as regular wood floors to remain in good condition.

Steam cleaning is one way to ensure that a bamboo floor stays free of ground-in dirt and dust, but it must be done properly to avoid damaging the floor.

  1. Sweep the floor with a broom to remove larger particles of dirt and dust from the floor. This will prevent them from causing stains or scratching the floor when you use the steam cleaner.

  2. Vacuum the bamboo floor to loosen and remove any dust that has settled between the boards to make it easier to clean. Vacuuming will also remove any other particles that could cause damage to the floor.

  3. Attach a cleaning pad to the end of the steam cleaner. Steam cleaners for hard floors use a soft cleaning pad that acts like a mop to help sweep away the steam and keep water droplets from warping the floor while picking up dirt and dust.

  4. Fill the steam cleaner with water and plug it in to allow the water to heat. Most steam cleaners take several minutes to heat up to the boiling point so that steam can be created.

  5. Run the steam cleaner across a small area of the floor. Use the trigger on the steam cleaner to spray the floor with steam and follow it up by sweeping the cleaning pad over the area.

  6. Buff the floor with a soft cotton cloth after cleaning it with the steam cleaner. This will keep the bamboo floor shiny and finish the drying process, preventing damage from any water particles left behind by the steam cleaner.

  7. Continue steam cleaning and drying small areas until the entire bamboo floor has been cleaned.

  8. Warning

    Do not steam clean an unfinished floor, as the steam can cause the bamboo to swell and warp. Some steam cleaners can leave streak marks or damage the finish on the bamboo floor. Use steam cleaners with caution and stop using the mop if you see streaks form on the floor. Follow all directions on the steam cleaner to avoid damaging the floor.