Fantom Steam Cleaner Operating Instructions

Mary Lougee

The Fantom, a versatile steam cleaner, operates in hand-held form for cleaning clothing and upholstery, or with attachments for cleaning floors. You can clean lightweight fabrics by brushing over them with the Fantom's nozzle, or add the brush attachment to clean heavier fabrics or carpets.

Steam cleaners clean curtains without the need to remove them from their hardware.


  1. Set the steam cleaner on a flat surface. Press the locking trigger on the handle of the cleaner to release internal pressure.

  2. Turn the safety cap on the top of the cleaner counterclockwise to unscrew it and lift it straight off. Fill the Fantom flask with tap water until it reaches the 28-ounce mark. Replace the safety cap by turning it clockwise.

  3. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The red light will illuminate to indicate the power is on. Wait about 6 minutes for the steamer to heat. The red light will turn green when the steamer is ready for use.

  4. Press the locking trigger down to start steaming items. It will lock into place. Press the trigger a second time to stop steam flow from the cleaner.


  1. Hold the handgrip at the end of the hose with one hand. Insert the angle concentrator brush adapter into the handgrip nozzle. Insert a nylon brush into the adapter. Brush the object you want to clean while steam exits the cleaner. Remove the brush attachments by pulling them straight out of the assembly.

  2. Press the locking button on the handgrip and insert one of the metal tubes. Insert the second metal tube into the end of the first. Release the locking button on the handgrip. Press the floor brush adapter into the floor brush. Push the floor brush into the extension tube bottom. Turn the floor brush 180 degrees to attach it to the extension. Use the floor brush as a steam mop on flat flooring surfaces.

  3. Attach white terry cloth towels to the floor brush to absorb odors and dirt. Place two white terry cloth towels on the floor. Place the floor brush in the center of the towels. Fold each corner on the left side into a triangle and pull them both up. Press the left attachment clip on the brush top, place the triangle under it and release it. Repeat this process to attach the right side of the towels.

  4. Tip

    A small amount of water will drip from the steamer tip when it is ready for use. Place a towel on a counter and squeeze the trigger to catch the water and begin steaming.


    Unplug the steamer when changing attachments and refilling it with water. Wait six minutes after unplugging the cleaner to open the safety cap on the water reservoir. This allows steam to dissipate inside the container and prevents it from burning you.

    Use distilled water in place of tap water if the tap water contains a high concentration of minerals. Concentrating minerals into steam may cause discoloration on some fabrics.