Instructions for the Lavazza Espresso Point

Liz Tomas

The Lavazza Espresso Point is a portable, single-serve espresso machine. The machine was introduced in 1995 in order to make it easy for small businesses to make espresso. The Lavazza company has an extensive coffee history. The company was started in 1895 in Turin, Italy by Luigi Lavazza.

The Lavazza Espresso Point makes a single serving of espresso.

Since this time, Lavazza has striven to produce the highest quality coffee beans and the machines needed to make exceptional Italian espresso. The Lavazza Espresso Point is used by more than 150,000 companies around the world.

  1. Place the cup in the recess on the grill.

  2. Open the receptacle directly under the top panel that contains the brewing buttons. Insert a Lavazza disposable cartridge in the receptacle. Push the receptacle door back into place. You will hear a click when it is properly in place.

  3. Press one of the brewing buttons. Your brewing choices are short, regular and long. Wait for the coffee to fill the cup and the machine to stop. It will stop automatically when it is done brewing and dispensing the coffee.

  4. Empty the collecting drawer underneath the grill when it is full of the used cartridges. The machine automatically ejects the cartridge into the collecting drawer. There are no filters or ground coffee to clean up.

  5. Insert the steam wand into milk. Press the steam button and froth the milk. Press the stop button to stop the steam. Frothed milk is used to make cappuccino and other milk-based coffee drinks.