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The Best Way to Attach a Ribbon Border to a Wall

Kelli Shaw

Using ribbon as a decorative wall border in a room is a simple way to change the look of the room and add a personal touch. It also can be an inexpensive option, depending on the type of ribbon you choose. You can attach a ribbon border to a wall in several ways.

Attach ribbon to a wall for an instant splash of color.

Deciding which option works best for your situation is easier once you know the pros and cons of each method.

  1. Measure around the room to determine how much ribbon you need. Round up to the nearest yard. Border your room with one long piece of ribbon if possible. This provides the most uniform look and you won't have to make seams.

  2. Measure up from the floor and make a small mark where the bottom of the border will go. Mark the wall every 2 feet until you've measured all the areas where the ribbon will be attached. This will ensure that the border is level.

  3. Place a small amount of wallpaper glue or white glue, or glue from a hot-glue gun, above the pencil line. Lay the ribbon over the glue so its bottom edge just covers the pencil line. Work in short sections, no longer than 3 feet. Begin in the most inconspicuous corner, such behind a door, and working outward.

  4. Fasten the ribbon to the wall with staples or thumbtacks for an application that's less permanent than glue. Line up the bottom of the ribbon so it just covers the pencil line. Install a fastener every 2 feet

  5. Cut the ribbon with scissors when you have gone around the room and meet up with the starting point. Fasten down the end with a dollop of glue, a staple or a tack.

  6. Tip

    Choose a wide ribbon because thin ribbon looks even smaller when applied to the wall. If using the thumbtack method, choose tacks that match the ribbon color if you want them to blend in. If you want them to become part of the design, choose complementary colors or use metallic thumbtacks for a more elegant look.


    The glue installation method is permanent. Removing the ribbon may cause damage to the walls.