How to Hang Weed Trimmers

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Weed trimmers are useful for giving your lawn a manicured edging, particularly along driveways and sidewalks. This type of tool can be expensive, and it is important to store it properly by hanging it in your garage or storage building.

Weed trimmers provide manicured-looking edges to your lawn.

This prevents it from lying on the floor of the garage, taking up space and causing a hazard that someone might trip over. Most weed trimmers have a circular handle at the end or a handhold along the tool that is useful in keeping it off the floor area.

Utility Hooks

  1. Pre-drill the correct-sized hole for the hook into an exposed stud, ceiling joist or the support ledge between two studs. Screw-in cup hooks, rubber-coated security hooks and heavy-duty utility hooks are available for hanging heavy tools, such as weed trimmers, shovels or leaf blowers.

  2. Screw the hook into the hole in a stud or other sturdy wall area.

  3. Hang the weed trimmer onto the hook by its handle.

Utility Wall Clips

  1. Purchase a utility wall or spring clip that is made to hold objects that are heavy. Hooks that hold several hundred pounds are available.

  2. Find a stud on your garage ceiling or storage shed wall and attach the spring clip to the wall with screws or nails according to the directions.

  3. Pull the clip out and attach the handle of the weed trimmer to the clip. It will keep it safely off your floor area and reduce clutter in the area.

  4. Warning

    Do not hang the weed trimmer in the center of the room or high traffic areas. Store it along a wall or hang it from a corner area. This prevents people from accidentally running into it and knocking it down on them.