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How to Make Liquid Urea

Elan Kesilman

You can buy liquid urea, or the diluted urine of mammals, to fertilize your garden or lawn. It is one of the oldest, natural fertilizers and human urine works just as well as other urea. Human urea has the nutrients that plants crave, such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Make your own liquid urea to fertilize your garden.

Using the proper urea collection and preparation methods at home can save you a lot of money in fertilizer costs and even help the environment by reducing the amount of toilet flushing in your household.

  1. Urinate directly into the 5-gallon bucket. Continue to use the bucket for urine collection and cover the bucket with its lid between urinations to minimize the odor in your home. Do not mix fecal matter in the bucket. Urine naturally has few bacteria but there is a lot of bacteria in feces.

  2. Fill the rest of the bucket with water when there is approximately 1 gallon of urine in the bucket, i.e the the bucket is 1/5 full of urine. Dilute the urine at least 5:1 because it is a very strong fertilizer in its concentrated state. The dilution also allows you to apply the urea to a larger area of plants.

  3. Add 5 tsp. baking soda to the bucket and stir the mixture with a long stick. Urine, over time, changes into an acidic ammonia that can harm your plants. The baking soda neutralizes the ammonia acid and makes the liquid urea a safe fertilizer. You can then pour the liquid urea around your plants to help them grow.