Uses for Carpets

Frannie Bogojevich

Carpet is a common household item that may be used in a variety of ways. Carpet is a popular feature in home decorating, and it is often incorporated into a home's interior design. There are many types of carpet, including some used outdoors, and the function the carpet will serve aids in selecting the type.

There are many uses for carpet.

Even scraps of carpet may be useful around the home and garden.


Wall-to-wall and area carpet are popular to cover floors and enhance a room's decor. There are many styles and types of carpet meant for decorative and pragmatic purposes. The kind you choose will depend on how much traffic a room gets and what style best suits the rest of your decor. Cut-pile carpet is a popular choice, as it is very durable. Plush carpets are softer and often show footprints when someone walks across them. Berber carpet is made of looped fibers and is extremely durable and resistant to tracking. Frieze carpets are made of twisted fibers and are also extremely durable. Some carpets may feature more than one of these styles.


Carpets meant for the outdoors are often both decorative and practical. Carpet may be used to cover a porch, walkway or the edges of a garden. This type of carpet is made of plastic derivatives and must be waterproofed for the best durability. Outdoor carpet comes in a variety of designs and is often as easy to install as gluing tiles to a concrete surface.


There are many uses for carpet scraps left over from projects. Carpet scraps may be used as cushions for your knees when gardening, or to slip under heavy furniture to protect the floor while moving it. They may be used to clean window screens and scrapers while working on a project. Pieces of carpet may be placed underneath washers and dryers to eliminate thumping noises. They are also useful to pet owners, as carpet scraps may be used to make a scratching post for a cat or a bed for a dog.