How to Install HE-100 Universal Motion Sensing Lighting

Jessica Rhodes

Universal Security Instruments (USI), makers of the HE-100 Universal Motion Sensing Lighting series, advertise, “High quality, professional and easy-to-install security projects.

To enhance security, motion sensor lighting should be correctly installed.

” USI’s commitment to easy-install items is one reason that user manuals for most of its products can be found online as well as with purchase. The HE-100 lighting series are outdoor motion sensor lights. While installation may be advertised as simple, the instruction manual — which is equipped with instructions, tips and warnings — should be thoroughly read before installation.


  1. Choose the place to install the motion sensor lighting. The site should be chosen for purpose and for adherence to the considerations mentioned in the user manual. These include required distance from the ground, proximity to necessary electrical sources and safety considerations. Currently, all models can be mounted on the wall or on eave structures.

  2. Remove lighting system from packaging.

  3. Assemble shield by locating the shield slots and pushing down over the four retainer pins. Turn the shield to lock it into place.

  4. Turn the sensor controls to optimize testing and safety. This means rotating the SENS/RANGE knob completely clockwise and rotating the DAYLIGHT and TIME knobs completely counterclockwise.

  5. Consolidate wires by placing them all through the gasket on the rear of the cover.

  6. Carefully remove the old system if necessary. The user manual suggests that this can be a dangerous step and stresses the importance of ensuring that no voltage or power is flowing at the time of dis-assembly.


  1. Ensure the power is off and electricity is not flowing into the outlet that the light will be plugged into.

  2. Attach the white wire from the electrical box to the white cable on the security floodlight by twisting the former clockwise and screwing a wire connector, clockwise, onto the wires. Check and ensure a good connection.

  3. Attach the black wire from the electrical box to the black cable on the floodlight by following similar steps. Twist the wire clockwise together and screw a wire connector, clockwise, onto the connected wires. Check and ensure a good connection.

  4. Connect the green wires (if the model has a green wire) as mentioned in steps two and three.

  5. Tuck the externally visible wires gently into the gasket. When wires are covered but not pinched, screw in the exterior box. When this is finished, follow directions in the user’s manual for adjustments and testing.

  6. Tip

    This guide should not be used without the user manual, which will come with the product or can be downloaded from the Internet.


    A metal or a wet ladder can conduct electricity, making them unsuitable to use for installation. All warnings and precautions listed in the user's manual should be adhered to.

    The sensor can be easily damaged. The user’s manual should be consulted for a list of necessary precautions and maintenance issues.