How to Estimate Tuck Pointing

Kim Sarah

Tuck pointing is a method of putting mortar into the joints of bricks in order to repair defective mortar or to give the appearance of fine joints between the bricks. This can add more strength to the mortar or allow for a new layer of brick and mortar to be applied to an old layer.

Tuck pointing can improve the overall appearance of your brick home.

This job should be done by a professional and it can be costly. Therefore, it's important to have a good understanding of the job so that you can get an accurate estimate of the cost.

  1. Determine if your home is a wood-framed building with brick siding or if the home is actually built completely from brick. More brick translates into a higher cost.

  2. Search for any foundation problems that may be causing the damage to the bricks. The foundation will have to be repaired first if it is cracked or damaged. This can add to the cost.

  3. Examine the bricks for any loose areas. Loose bricks will have to be fixed before tuck pointing can be done. This will add cost to the overall job.

  4. Determine the level of quality of your brick. Cheap bricks may not be worth the cost of tuck pointing and may need to be totally replaced before the tuck pointing happens. Replacement will increase the cost of the overall job.

  5. Take into account whether any parts of your home, such as window or door frames, are made from materials other than brick, such as wood. Prep work will have to be completed before tuck pointing these areas to prevent the possibility of moisture seeping into the structure. This kind of prep work will add to the cost.

  6. Contact a brick builder that specializes in tuck pointing. Share the information from the previous steps with the brick builder to get an estimate for the job.

  7. Tip

    It may be best to have a professional come out and examine your home in person to get an accurate estimate. A professional will be able to spot issues with your brickwork.

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