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How to Drill an Acrylic Sink

Cadence Johansen

Most acrylic sinks come with pre-drilled holes for a faucet. These holes are created during the manufacturing process. In some cases, homeowners will need to create holes in their acrylic sink. This may happen if there are not enough holes for the selected faucet.

Holes can be made in an acrylic sink with a drill bit.

Holes may also need to be created for soap dispensers or pull out sprayers. Learning to drill a hole in an acrylic sink will help you to tackle this project on your own.

  1. Set two sawhorses up on a flat surface. Place the acrylic sink on top of the sawhorses.

  2. Determine the placement of the holes you are drilling. Consult manufacturer directions for placement of faucet or soap dispenser holes.

  3. Cover the area that needs to be drilled with masking tape. This will help to prevent you from scratching the acrylic during drilling. It will also give you an easy place to mark with a pencil.

  4. Mark the placement of the holes on the masking tape with a pencil.

  5. Fit a power drill with an appropriately sized hole saw or drill bit. Use a sharp, diamond tipped bit to make the holes in the acrylic.

  6. Drill the holes in the sink. Do not apply too much pressure as you drill the holes and work at a consistent speed.