How to Protect Closets From Bugs

For many, closets hold not only clothes but many of the family’s treasures, from antique tablecloths to a child’s baseball trophy. Unfortunately, the closet may be invaded by bugs, including carpet beetles and moths that may turn your expensive clothing collection into their lunch.

Line a closet with cedar to protect your clothing from bugs.

There are several methods that can be used to protect all of the items in every closet throughout the home safe from unwanted invaders.

  1. Clean all of the clothes found in the closet on a regular basis. Insects, including carpet beetles, are attracted to the nutrients found on stains left on the clothing. This is a practical solution for clothing that is worn on a daily or weekly basis.

  2. Place any clothing that is not currently being worn, including seasonal pieces or bedding, into storage containers. These containers, which include vinyl bags, sweater boxes or large containers, will protect these pieces from bugs and the eggs they may lay on them. This is a practical solution for any pieces that are being stored for several months or years.

  3. Place cedar products into the closet. More expensive options include lining the closet completely in cedar. A more cost effective solution is placing packets or balls that contain cedar. The smell of cedar will repel the bugs and will also naturally absorb any odors found inside of the closet.

  4. Place moth balls inside of the closet. The moth balls contain insecticides, which will kill the bugs. Place the moth balls on a high shelf if there are children or pets present in the home, and launder any garments before wearing them that come in direct contact with the moth balls.