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What Kind of White Paint Do You Use in a Closet?

Alexis Lawrence

Unlike dark-colored paints, which show scuffs and chips, white paint is a good way to hide marks on walls, making it ideal for use in a closet where hangers and shoes may be regularly hitting the walls. If you choose to paint your closet white, you have a number of options concerning look and texture.

White paint creates a neutral closet space.

Matching the Walls

If you would like for a closet to go with the paint scheme used throughout the rest of the room, use the same type of paint. If the room is painted white, use the exact same white paint for the closet. If the room is painted another color, use the same type of paint, such as “flat,” “matte” or “gloss” paint.

Semi or High-Gloss Paint

If you are concerned about scuff marks and nicks appearing on your closet walls, consider using a semi-gloss or high-gloss white paint. Though gloss paint won’t match if the rest of the room has been painted with flat paint, gloss paint provides some protection and helps to prevent visible scuffing. Gloss paints create a shiny appearance on walls.

Paint Brands

Though any type of interior paint can be applied to the walls of an interior closet, some paints have better consumer ratings. In May 2011, J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study that compared interior paints in six categories, including price, durability and application. Benjamin Moore interior paints came out on top, followed by Porter and Sherwin-Williams.

Exterior Closets

Exterior closets require different paint than interior closets. Exterior closets require outdoor paint, which is designed to hold up in hot, cold and humid conditions that may cause interior paints to crack or peel. If an exterior closet stores materials that may cause leaks, such as a garden hose system, consider covering the paint with a waterproof coating such as polyurethane.