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How to Make a Rattlesnake Necklace

Brenda Priddy

Most rattlesnake necklaces use the rattler of a rattlesnake as the main focus of the necklace. You can make a variety of necklace types using a rattlesnake tail, including informal, rustic or a dressier style of necklace.

A rattlesnake rattler can be transformed into a wearable necklace.

This is achieved by switching up the type of necklace used with the rattler and painting the rattlesnake tail to give it a new color or appearance. Paint the rattle with metallic paints for the most formal appearance and leave it unpainted for the most rustic.

  1. Clean the rattler by rinsing it out with water. Allow the rattle to dry overnight.

  2. Fit the rattlesnake rattler into the pendant. Use a utility knife to trim the top edge of the rattle so that it will fit inside the pendant.

  3. Paint the rattlesnake rattler the desired color with paints. After the paint dries, use a clear sealer over the rattle to protect the paint.

  4. Fill the pendant with glue. Fit the end of the rattlesnake rattler inside the pendant. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

  5. Slide the pendant onto a necklace to complete the necklace. Add additional rattlers, if desired, or leave the necklace with one rattle only.