Instructions for a Timber Tuff Chain Sharpener

Amy Moore

The Timber Tuff chain-saw sharpener is designed to sharpen the edges of saw chains that have a pitch between a 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch. The Timber Tuff sharpener can be mounted to any surface with its three-screw mounting system, which makes it easy and convenient to store and use.

Sharpening the chain on your saw will increase its cutting power.

Sharpen your saw chains regularly so that each time you use your chain saw, it cuts quickly and without any jerks because of dull areas on the blade.

Mounting to Work Bench

  1. Place the Timber Tuff sharpener's base on the edge of a workbench.

  2. Align the stop located halfway through the sharpener's base with the edge of the work bench.

  3. Attach the base to the work bench using three screws and a drill. There are three screw holes located in the sharpener's base to be used in this mounting.

  4. Plug in the Timber Tuff sharpener.

Mounting to Wall

  1. Hold the vertical arm of the Timber Tuff sharpener against the wall below eye level. The base will be extending outward from the wall.

  2. Insert one screw through the middle hole on the vertical arm of the sharpener and secure it with a drill.

  3. Place a level next to the vertical edge of the sharpener.

  4. Rotate the sharpener until it is level.

  5. Insert the two remaining screws through the side holes on the sharpener's vertical arm and secure them with the drill.

  6. Plug in the Timber Tuff sharpener.

Grinding the Chain

  1. Set the guides to the sharpening angle needed for the chain being used. This information can be found on the chain's original packaging.

  2. Place the chain between the guides with a tooth aligned against the stop.

  3. Rotate the guide set knob until the guides are snug against the chain. The guide set knob is in the center of the rear guide.

  4. Push the clamping lever down to lock the guides in place. The clamping lever is in the center of the front guide.

  5. Rotate the feed screw to increase or decrease the speed at which the chain is fed through. The feed screw is located on the left end of the guides.

  6. Place the top plate angle and the vise angle to the corresponding angle matching the guides' angle. The corresponding top plate and vise angle can be found on the chain's original packaging.

  7. Rotate the grinding disc till it touches the first chain tooth.

  8. Set the grinding depth by rotating the knob on the right of the grinding disc.

  9. Push the power button to "On."

  10. Push the grinding disc carefully down on the tooth, using the handle.

  11. Raise the grinding disc when the disc reaches the grinding depth.

  12. Feed the chain through the guides and sharpen each tooth.

  13. Sharpen the teeth in the opposite direction by flipping the chain's direction in the guides.

  14. Warning

    Always wear gloves when working with the grinding disc. Do not use quick, jerky motions when sharpening. These could cause a rough grind on the teeth of the chain saw.