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How to Remove a Vacuum Breaker

Michelle Tapire

A vacuum breaker is a small but important part of a standard garden hose. It attaches the faucet or hose bibb to the hose and is purposely made to be difficult to remove since it prevents water from flowing backward. Water back-flow is a very dangerous situation, as it can possibly contaminate the entire water supply.

It can be difficult to remove a vacuum breaker since it is tightly sealed.

With proper installation and use, vacuum breakers can work properly for several years without replacement. However, vacuum breakers should be checked regularly for leaks and other possible damage to make sure they are working properly. If you need to replace a vacuum breaker, you have to remove it.

  1. Turn the handle of the valve to shut it off.

  2. Place a screwdriver on the vacuum breaker cap and pry it off. You may have to use force, as the vacuum has a strong seal to prevent water supply contamination.

  3. Use the pliers to remove the old bonnet or faucet.

  4. Remove the vacuum breaker. You may need to use a lubricant to loosen the connection or turn the vacuum breaker using pliers.

  5. Tip

    Be sure to remember how you removed the vacuum breaker, as you will follow the reverse steps to replace it.