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How to Use the Enagic Sunus

Edriaan Koening

One of the lowest-priced Enagic products, Sunus filters tap water to produce kangen water, acidic water and clean water. Clean water, with a pH level of 7, contains no impurities and is suitable for preparing baby formula and for drinking. The alkaline kangen water has a pH level of 8.

Enagic Sunus filters water and alters its pH level.

5 to 10 and works well for preparing food and beverage. Acidic water has a pH level of 4 to 6 and is not suitable for drinking. However, you can use it for cleaning.

  1. Attach the diverter included with your Enagic Sunus unit to the end of the hose fixed to the unit.

  2. Hold the attached diverter against your faucet and pull up the lever into a vertical position to attach it into place.

  3. Connect the power plug of the Enagic Sunus unit into a wall socket.

  4. Press the blue "Power" button to turn on the Enagic Sunus unit. This is the left button on the panel located on the top right corner of the unit.

  5. Press the blue "Electrolysis" button to the right of the "Power" button to choose between clean water, kangen water and acidic water.

  6. Press the blue "pH" button to the right of the "Electrolysis" button to choose the pH level of kangen and acidic water. If you choose kangen water, the "L" option means that the unit will produce weak alkaline water with a lower pH within the 8.5 to 10 range. The "M" option produces slightly more alkaline water and the "H" option produces the most alkaline water. If you choose acidic water, "L" produces water with higher pH closer to neutral and "H" produces more acidic water with lower pH.

  7. Turn on the tap and let the Enagic Sunus filter the water according to your selected options. Place a water container below the silver spout to collect the filtered water.

  8. Warning

    If you suffer any adverse health effects, stop using the Enagic Sunus and consult a doctor.