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How to Paint to Look Like Ice

Every painter is always looking for a technique to paint with more realism. If you are attempting winter landscape scenes or any other scenes where ice comes into play, you may find it difficult to recreate this surface in your work.

However, with the proper color and accents, you can successfully give the impression of an icy scene. Create a suitable ice representation with your paint.

  1. Apply a light blue base layer of paint to the canvas. Mix blue with a small amount of gray and white paint to lighten it. If you are painting an ice pond, for example, paint the base layer in the shape of your pond.

  2. Accent the edges of the ice with white paint. This will help differentiate the ice from the other objects in your painting.

  3. Paint thin diagonal lines of white paint across the ice. Make these strokes very lightly. These lines will give the base layer an ice-like appearance.