Why Do I Have Little Bugs in My Kitchen Sink?

Kefa Olang

Gnats and other annoying, small, winged pests love to hover in and around sinks looking for food and spawning opportunities. Protect your home from these pests quickly and safely.

Food in the Sink

Food on plates lingering in the sink is one of the major attractions to bugs such as gnats. Bugs relish sweet substances, so sugary drinks such as soda and juice drained in sinks can also be very appealing to them.

House Plants

Leaving potted plants around sinks can also attract bugs. Potted plants are wonderful spawning locations for gnats and other bugs because they are safe to deposit larvae. Adult gnats use these plants as breeding grounds and areas to find new sources of food.


Overflowing and smelly garbage is bug magnet. If you do not properly dispose of garbage or keep garbage disposal units clean, you are likely to have an infestation of bugs in and around your sink.


Clean sinks thoroughly and dispose of garbage properly. Pouring a cup of ammonia down the sink will also keep these pests away. Putting a bowl of apple cider vinegar or wine next to plants can also keep gnats and other pests away.