How to Remove Slats From Faux Wood Blinds

Dawn Gibbs

Faux wood blinds block light with slats held together with cord. When you install faux wood blinds, they may be too long for your window. This causes bunching when then bottom rail sits on your window sill. To solve this problem, you can easily remove slats from your faux wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds operate like vinyl blinds.

Removing the slats only requires a pair of scissors.

  1. Lower the faux wood blinds all the way. Locate the plugs underneath the bottom rail and raise them so you see the lift cord knot. Undo the knot with your fingers. Lift the plug on the other side of the bottom rail and undo the knot in that lift cord.

  2. Pull off the plugs on the two lift cords. Slide the bottom rail out of the blinds. Pull each lift cord up just past the slats you want to remove. Slide the slats out of the cord blinds and set them aside.

  3. Replace the bottom rail by sliding it into the cord space just beneath the final faux wood slat. Thread the lift cord through the holes on either side of the bottom rail. Set the bottom rail in the window sill and turn the blinds so they sit horizontally.

  4. Insert the lift cords through the plugs you removed. Tie a knot in the end of each lift cord to secure the plug. Cut the excess blind cords to 4 inches below the bottom rail. Tie the blind cords in knots under the bottom rail and stuff the knots into the holes on the bottom of the bottom rail. Insert the lift cord plugs into the holes.

  5. Pull the lift cord by the handle to tighten the slack in the cord.