How to Troubleshoot a Scooba Not Putting Down Water

Jessie Ara

During your iRobot Scooba's cleaning process, the device releases cleansing liquid and water onto the floor to help break up dried dirt and other grime. If your Scooba ever stops squirting water onto the floor, you are experiencing one of two problems. First, check the water tank.

Prime the Scooba's solution valve to solve water depositing issues.

If the tank is full, then you will have to prime the Scooba's fluid valve so the device has enough pressure to release water.

  1. Press down on the Scooba's release handle, located beneath the "Power" button, and pull off the top of the Scooba to reveal the device's internals.

  2. Locate the solution valve on the right side of the Scooba's internals. The valve sits next to the ejection button for the brush.

  3. Insert the suction bulb into the solution valve and pump the bulb three times to prime the valve.

  4. Reassemble the Scooba and run a cleaning cycle to determine the effectiveness of the priming process. If little water flows from the Scooba, prime the solution valve again.

  5. Tip

    Refill your Scooba's water tank when the "Check Tank" light illuminates.