Do It Yourself: Install Basement Wall Panels

Joanna Swanson

You can install basement wall panels quickly and easily. These panels have tongue and groove connections that you can press together and attach to the concrete wall with anchors. Wall panels insulate the basement from air and moisture.

They also allow homeowners to install wall surfaces without having to frame the walls over the concrete and then install wallboard or paneling. Install the subfloor before installing the wall panels.

Installing the Panels

  1. Clean the basement walls and remove any obstructions.

  2. Measure the wall next to a corner to determine how long the panel needs to be.

  3. Mark this length on a panel and cut it to length with the circular saw.

  4. Install two cement anchors two inches from both edges of the panel using a drill. Install one anchor 16 inches from both the top and bottom of the panel.

  5. Measure the wall and cut the next panel. Install the tongue edge of one panel into the groove edge of the next panel. Hammer the panels together with the mallet. Anchor as above. Continue to finish covering the walls.

Installing Panels Around Corners and Electrical Boxes

  1. Bevel the groove edge of one panel and the tongue edge of another to 45 degrees with the miter saw, for an inside corner. Make the long edge of the bevel on the insulated side of the panel. Mount with the bevel snug to the corner.

  2. Bevel two panels as before, for an outside corner, but make the long edge of the bevel on the wood edge of the panels.

  3. Mount one panel with the end of the bevel even with the corner. Mount the second panel snug to the installed panel.

  4. Measure the location and size of electrical boxes on the wall. Mark the location and size on the wall panel.

  5. Cut out the box from the panel using the jigsaw and carefully install on the wall as before.