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How to Open a Frigidaire Washer for Repair

Charles Poole

A washing machine will run into problems eventually, no matter how new or old it is. Some of these repairs will require a technician, however, most of the repairs to a Frigidaire washer can be done by yourself. Replacing a belt on the washer's pump or unclogging the drain tube on your washer is an easy job, but you will need to know how to take the Frigidaire washer apart before you can begin your repairs.

Opening your Frigidaire washer will give you the ability to service it.
  1. Begin by unplugging the power cable of the Frigidaire washer from the electrical outlet in your laundry room. Go to the water spigots and turn them clockwise to shut them off.

  2. Pull the washer away from the wall so you have access to all panels of the unit casing. Use a pair of channel locks to disconnect the water supply hoses from the back of washer.

  3. Go to the back of the washer, and use a screwdriver to take all the screws out that are holding the back panel to the unit casing.

  4. Use masking tape and a pen to label all the wires on the inside of the washer's cabinet. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to disconnect the wires from the components on the inside of the washer.

  5. Go to the top panel of the unit, and remove the screws holding the control console onto the unit casing. Remove the control console from the washer.

  6. Put your screwdriver into the small crack between the top panel of the washer and the unit casing. Pry the top panel off the small clips, and lift the top panel into the service position. It will rest on hinges located on the back of the washer.

  7. Go to the bottom of the unit, and remove the screws holding the side panels and the front panel to the unit casing. Lift the panels off the washer's base to remove them from the unit casing.