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How to Open a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer

Kenneth Crawford

The Whirlpool Cabrio blends the standard design of a top-loading washer with the energy efficiency of a front-loading washer. The Cabrio is also one of those washers that requires little breakdown to access the working components. The motor assembly and water pumps are under the washer.

Set the washer on its front, and you have full access. All other component access requires removing the control console and raising of the top panel.

  1. Disconnect the power cord of the Cabrio washer from the wall outlet. Pull the washer away from the wall so that you can access the water supply connections. Turn the water spigots off that supply water to the washer.

  2. Position a bucket under the hose connections at the rear of the washer. Remove the hoses by twisting the hose connections counterclockwise. Set the hose ends into the bucket to keep residual water from spilling onto the floor.

  3. Remove the three hex head screws that secure the back of the control console to the rear of the washer with a nut driver. Pull the control console up, and roll the console forward. Position the console to the rear of the washer without removing any wires. The components within the console are now fully accessible for testing and repair.

  4. Tear off a few pieces of masking tape, and tape the washer lid to the top of the cabinet. This will prevent the washer lid from opening unexpectedly and damaging the hinges when you raise the top panel.

  5. Position the blade of a putty knife 6 inches from the left front corner of the washer, and insert the blade between the front and top panels. Press in with the putty knife to unhook the retaining spring that secures the top panel. Repeat the process for the right front corner, and lift the top panel up with your free hand.

  6. Raise the front of the top panel all the way back toward the rear of the dryer. The top panel will sit open much like a hood does on a car. Now, you have full access to the components inside the washer and directly below the top panel.


The technical sheet for the Cabrio washer is inside the front panel of the washer cabinet on the left side.


Always disconnect power supply from appliances before attempting repairs.