How to Use the Steam Mop Carpet Glider

Steam mops are generally used to clean hard wood flooring; however, some models come with a carpet glider so the user can freshen and pick up light stains on carpets in their home.

  1. Remove the cap on the top of the steam mop and fill the water tank to the fill line on the steamer. Use warm water in the steamer for best results. Replace the cap on the steamer.

  2. Put the carpet glider attachment onto the cleaning pad.

  3. Put the mop head and cleaning pad onto the steamer so they are facing the carpet.

  4. Plug the steamer into the wall outlet in your home.

  5. Push the steamer up and down your carpet to release the light stains.

  6. Pull the trigger on the mop’s handle to release the steam as you push it along the carpet.

  7. Warning

    These attachments should not be used to bring up large stains.