Ideas for PVC Pipe Projects

PVC pipe has it's place in the construction world, but it can be used for a number of other purposes as well. From a wine rack or curtain rods in the house to a plant hanger or bird feeder outside, PVC pipe finds itself in all sorts of creative projects.

PVC pipe is so much more than just a tool of the construction trades.

Wine Rack

Measure the depth of the cupboard you want your wine rack in and saw 4-inch PVC pipe to the same length. Sand the edges of the pipe smooth and clean the pipe with acetone. Spray the pipes with indoor/outdoor all-purpose primer and then with whatever color spray paint you want. Apply industrial strength adhesive to the sides of the cupboard and the pipes. Place the pipes in the cupboard on their sides and in staggered rows. Each individual pipe will act as a pocket or tube for one wine bottle.

Hanging Planter

Cut 1-1/2 inch holes in 4-inch wide PVC pipe in staggered rows. The length of the pipe and the number of holes depends on the size of the planter you want. Glue an end cap to one end of the pipe using PVC cement. Drill three or four small holes in the center of the end cap for drainage. Drill three small holes at the top of the pipe an equal distance from one another. Place "S" hooks in each hole and hang with equal lengths of light chain joined together by a fourth "S" hook at the top.

Bird Feeder

Cut a 4-inch wide piece of PVC pipe to a length of 14 to 18 inches. Place an end cap on one of the ends and drill two small holes just below the cap. Cut notches out around the pipe on the opposite end and drill two small holes a couple of inches above the notches. Drill two small holes in a pie pan so that the holes line up with the last two you drilled in the PVC pipe. Run wire from the holes in the pie pan, through the bottom of the pipe and out the holes in the pipe. Bend the wire to secure. Feed wire through the two top holes to use as a hanger. Remove the cap when you need to fill the feeder.

Curtain Rods

For this project, cut a piece of PVC pipe to the proper length. You'll want to measure slightly larger than the window so that the curtains hang outside of the window. Using PVC cement, attach end caps to either end of the pipe. If you have curtain finials that you would prefer to use, you can glue those on. Prime and paint the PVC using spray paint. Hang brackets above the window, place the curtains on the PVC and hang.