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Is There a Safe Way to Sleep With an Open Window?

Monica Patrick

According to the FBI, there were more than 2 million burglaries in the United States in 2009. Sixty-one percent of these burglaries included forcible entry. Numbers like these make the public wonder whether they can rest safely at night. Despite these startling statistics, open window sleeping helps many sleep better.

Open windows allow good air movement.

Sleeping with an open window provides a cool breeze for pleasant rest and lessens the chances of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning, a dangerous bedtime killer. Sleep more safely by taking precautions against intruders before you hit the hay.

  1. Install window-blocking devices on your bedroom windows. These devices allow windows to open 6 inches but no more. Position the blocking device so that it is not accessible by anyone reaching into the window.

  2. Place a security sticker on the windowpane. Your security company offers these, or you may purchase them from a home improvement store.

  3. Screw an anti-lift device into the window casing. This anchors the window in place preventing potential burglars from lifting it out.

  4. Remove bushes and foliage from around the window. Foliage provides would-be burglars with a place to hide.

  5. Light the outside of your bedroom by placing motion detector spotlights at the corners of your home.

  6. Install a home security system that provides window security coverage.

  7. Tip

    Get to know your neighbors. A neighbor's watchful eye makes the best crime deterrent. Bring your dog into your room at night.


    Keep the shades drawn or the curtains closed when you are home and awake. Place well-fitting screens on windows to keep biting bugs out of your room.