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How to Mount a Fan to a Window

Kenneth Crawford

One way to circulate the air in a room without turning on the air conditioner is to use a fan. Box fans and window fans are available in a variety of sizes, and they are simple to mount in a window to bring in a constant supply of fresh air. Although window fans are manufactured specifically for window mounting, box fans are adaptable with a small amount of help from some scrap wood. You do not have to remove window screens when mounting fans.

You can mount a box fan into a window.
  1. Open up the window fully. Inspect your window screen to make sure there are no holes or damage. The window will be open, and you don't want uninvited insects. Repair or replace the screen as necessary.

  2. Set the fan on top of the window sill. Most window fans sit right on the lower track of the window. If you are placing a standard box fan in the window, place a block of wood on the sill ledge no higher than the window track. This will prevent the front of the fan from tilting toward the room.

  3. Hold the fan upright and close the window over the fan. The window sash holds the fan in place. Some window fans have side extensions like those for window air conditioners. Extend the side extenders as necessary for a secure fit in the window.

  4. Plug the fan power cord into the outlet closest to the window. You may need to move the fan to another window to find a closer outlet.