How to Discard an Old Mattress

When you purchase a new mattress, you typically need to get rid of the old one, unless you can use it in a different room of your home. Since the mattress is a large, bulky item, it is not as simple as tossing the item in the trash. Instead, you must figure out a way to discard the mattress appropriately.

  1. Ask friends or family if they can use the mattress. Often an old mattress to you is suitable for someone else.

  2. Post the item in the classified newspaper ads, or at an online classified website. Classifieds allow you to offer the items to people in your area.

  3. Contact a used furniture store or donation center such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Keep in mind, however, that some donation centers do not accept mattresses. Contact the facility before transporting the mattress to the facility. A used furniture store may also want to check out the mattress before accepting it, but if it's found acceptable, you should receive a fair price for the used goods.

  4. Throw the old mattress away properly. If a mattress is beyond repair or in too poor shape for someone else to use, contact your trash company. Often, trash companies have a large trash day every so often that allows you to put out large furniture items at no additional charge. If your company does not offer this option, contact a trash dump. You can typically take the mattress there and discard it. You will likely be charged based on the weight of the item.