How to Store Comforters Long-Term

Properly preparing comforters for long-term storage keeps them clean until you are ready to unpack and use them again. Appropriate storage conditions also extend the life of the comforters, keeping them mold-free and protecting their fibers.

Clean comforters properly before storing them.

When you are ready to use a comforter again, it will smell and look as fresh and clean as the day you stored it.

  1. Wash the comforter according to its care label. The materials used in its construction determine washing instructions.

  2. Dry the comforter thoroughly according to its specific care instructions.

  3. Place the comforter in its storage bag if it came with one and you still have it. Use a breathable alternative such as a cotton bag if not.

  4. Store the bagged comforter in a dry area to protect it from mold and mildew.

  5. Tip

    When drying the comforter, take it out of the dryer every few minutes to fluff it and check for signs of overheating; some comforters can burn when dried for long periods of time.


    Do not store the comforter in a plastic bag; it's not breathable and may trap moisture leading to mold.