How Do I Anchor in a Metal Stud?

C.L. Rease

The thin material used to construct metal studs does not allow them to hold a lot of weight. Using self-tapping screws to secure a bracket to metal studs will provide support for lightweight items, but heavier items will pull the screw threads from the stud.

The correct fastener will distribute weight over a large area and take advantage of a metal's stud stronger flanges. This keeps expensive heavy items -- such as TV sets and artwork -- secured to the metal stud-framed wall.

  1. Stretch out the blade of a tape measure. Press the locking lever of the tape measure to hold the blade in the open position. Set the open tape measure on a stable surface.

  2. Fold the toggle of a toggle bolt to its closed position, against the threads of the bolt. Align one side of the folded toggle bolt with the number 1 of the extended tape. Read the measurement where the opposite side of the toggle sits on the tape. Note the overall dimension of the toggle.

  3. Secure a drill bit 1/16 inch larger than the measured dimension of the toggle in the chuck of a drill. Align the tip of a screwdriver with the location on the wall you require the toggle. Drill the hole through the wall covering attached to the metal stud. Apply pressure to the back of the drill when the drill bit reaches the surface of the metal stud. Continue drilling slowly until the drill bit punctures the stud.

  4. Fold the toggle of the toggle bolt. Push it through the drilled hole while holding the bolt head. Pull the bolt head away from the wall to apply pressure to the toggle. Turn the bolt head clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver until the bolt head sits tight to the wall.

  5. Tip

    Wear protective gear when drilling a hole through a metal stud.