How to Install the IKEA Kristaller

Theo Estes

IKEA is known for its stylish and affordable home furnishing and fixtures. One of IKEA's offerings are a wide arrange of lighting fixtures, including the Kristaller chandelier. One of the ways that IKEA keeps its prices low is by having customers put their new purchases together themselves.

IKEA's Kristaller offers a chandelier at a budget friendly price.

Because IKEA is a multinational company, its instructions are completely pictorial.

  1. Attach the fixture hook to the ceiling using the screws so the hook is directly below electrical wires.

  2. Loosen the screw holding the wiring cover in place on the Kristaller by twisting the screw counter-clockwise. Do not remove the screw, twist until it is loose enough to lower the cover. Lower the cover so you can see the loop and wires.

  3. Hang the loop on the Kristaller on the hook that is attached to the ceiling.

  4. Connect the electrical wires from the ceiling to the wires in the Kristaller by twisting the electrical cap on the two connected wires three times clockwise. Do this for all three wires.

  5. Raise the wiring cover on the Kristaller until it covers the wiring completely. Secure the cover by twisting the screw clockwise until the cover is firmly in place.

  6. Adjust the length of the chain using the hook. This step is optional. If you like the standard length of the chain, you do not need to adjust the length.

  7. Warning

    Make sure the power is shut off to the light fixture. If you have any questions on installation, contact your local IKEA store.