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How to Repair an Air Conditioner Condenser After Dog Urine

Alexander Callos

Central air conditioners are found on the outside of homes. They cool the inside of the house in the warm summer months. These air conditioners can sometimes become dirty and the coils along the outside can get pretty disgusting. One reason they can get disgusting is from dog urine.

Dogs will sometimes urinate on air conditioners to mark their territory.

Dogs may sometimes pee on the air conditioner to mark their territory and if this happens, it is necessary to clean the air conditioner and get the smell out. Cleaning an air conditioner after dog urine is no different than cleaning it any other time.

  1. Locate the circuit breaker in the house and turn off the power to the breaker powering the air conditioner. The air conditioner must be turned off because it will get wet and should not be on when it is wet. Turn off the air conditioner on the temperature control in your house.

  2. Brush the surface of the air conditioner off with a hair brush. Remove all dirt and debris from the area so the urine can be properly washed off. Run a hair brush over the coils. Press it up firmly against the coils and brush it back and forth in the same direction as the coils.

  3. Move across the entire air conditioner and remove all the dirt, pollen, leaves and other debris in the way. Spray a heavy duty household cleaner into the coils and let it sit for five minutes.

  4. Turn on a garden hose and gently spray the coils. Hold the hose slightly above the air conditioner and spray at a slight angle. Direct the light spray at the coils interior through the fan opening in the top of the unit and do not spray too hard or you could bend the aluminum fins.

  5. Turn the air conditioner back on and the flip the circuit breaker on also, after the air conditioner has had one hour to dry.