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How to Clean the Coils of a Kenmore Refrigerator

Elizabeth Grace

Your Kenmore refrigerator coils are covered by a plastic grill if they are found on the front of your refrigerator, so it's easy to forget to clean them, but it's important not to. Refrigerator coils disperse heat, and when they become covered in dust, it makes your refrigerator use more energy, resulting in higher electricity bills. Kenmore refrigerator grills are found either at the bottom of your refrigerator or on the back panel. Clean them regularly to keep your refrigerator running efficiently.

Clean your refrigerator coils regularly to keep your refrigeratort functioning efficiently.
  1. Determine whether your Kenmore refrigerator model's coils are located at the bottom-front of the refrigerator or on the back panel. If they are on the bottom front, remove the plastic grill kick-plate by pulling it up and lifting it out.

  2. Vacuum your Kenmore refrigerator coils thoroughly to remove all of the dust and debris.

  3. Use a coil brush available online or at any hardware store. Insert the brush between the refrigerator coils and pull it back out. The coil brush will remove dirt from between the coils that a vacuum will not.