How to Hide a Cord That Goes Halfway Up the Wall

Some electrical devices plug into outlets that are half way up a wall, which exposes the electrical cord half way up the wall. Wall-mounted television and lighting units are just some of the devices that leave a cord dangling. The cord is unsightly and can pose a hazard to small children.

Hiding an electrical cord can improve a room's appearance.

You may cover the cord to keep it out of sight and out of harm's way by using an electrical raceway. The raceway has a cover that hides the cord, and it can cover several cords if necessary.

  1. Measure the length of cord that you want to hide from where it leaves the floor to the electrical outlet. Ensure that the electrical raceway you want to use fits the space you measured.

  2. Place the raceway on the wall so that it is in an unobtrusive position and is vertical and flush with the wall if possible. Remove the double-sided tape from the back of the raceway, and stick the raceway to the wall.

  3. Feed the electrical cord that you want to hide through the raceway. Plug the cord into the electrical outlet.

  4. Tip

    Hardware stores sell electrical raceways. Choose an electrical raceway that is a complementary color for the wall. Select an electrical raceway that can be painted if you can't find one that matches the wall's color.