Corn Cob Crafts

Tabitha Harwell

Avoid throwing corn cobs in the trash when you can re-use them for entertaining craft ideas. Corn cobs are the bone of the corn, and are no good once you finish eating or scraping the corn off them. Most people compost or trash the cobs, but they can become useful once again with crafting.

Use corn cobs to make craft projects with kids.

Gather your supplies and old cobs and make an afternoon of enjoyment for adults and kids.

Corn Cob Placemats

Create one-of-a-kind placemats for everyday use by painting them with corn cobs. To paint placemats, you need corn cobs, fabric paints, paper plates, scissors, muslin and newspaper. Lay newspaper down on a flat surface to catch any paint that may soak through the muslin. Cut the muslin to the size of placemat your desire and lay on the newspaper. Squeeze paint onto paper plates and roll the corn cob in the paint, then onto the muslin. Allow the muslin to dry completely before using as a placemat.

Bird Feeder

Attract birds into your yard with a corn cob bird feeder. You need a long, dry corn cob, peanut butter, birdseed, two large nails and string. Use the back of a spoon or knife to spread a thick layer of peanut butter over the corn cob. Place the bird seed into a paper plate and roll the corn cob in the seed. The seed should heavily coat the cob. Insert one nail into either side of the cob and attach the string. Hang the string over a branch for the birds to sit on the cob and eat the seed.

Paint a Picture

Give kids the chance to be artistic with corn cob painting. You need washable fabric paint, several corn cob halves, and paper. Pour the paint into paper plates and let the kids paint with the cobs. Encourage children to stamp and make shapes using their corn cobs.

Stamping with Corn

Ditch the standard stamps and use corn cobs to stamp pictures instead. Similar to painting with corn cobs, give children or adults various fabric paints on paper plates for easy dipping. Cut corn cobs in half and set out various sizes. For additional interest, leave a few corn niblets on the bottom of the cob to mix up the basic cob shape. Let kids create name cards for dinner by stamping on small pieces of cardstock, or create one-of-a-kind aprons to use for holiday baking with corn cobs.